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Pure Light Yoga

Nestled inside of DeBeen Espresso you’ll find a little oasis of calm in your busy day.  Join us for pure yoga, add lightness to your heart and put a pure smile on your soul. Single drop in classes are $10 and Monthly Unlimited Passes are $80. 

What is Yoga?

Yoga has been described in many ways: an ancient tree with many roots and branches, a way to de-stress from the otherwise hectic pace of your world, a physical practice to maintain bodily fitness, and an age old practice that leads to a deeper understanding of who you are.


At Pure Light Yoga in High Point, NC we believe you decide what yoga is to you.  Do you want physical benefits from a strong physical practice?  They’re here for you to take.  Do you want to slow down and learn how to relax?  Yoga will help with release and relaxation.  Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of who you are and your connection with the world? Yoga can open the door to the insight you seek.  From Foundation to Power Vinyasa, we have a class that is suited just for you.  Come check us out!


From all of us at Pure Light Yoga! 

Pure Light Yoga
709 West Lexington Avenue
High Point, North Carolina 27262